Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Porn peddlers to release Kid Rock sex tape

W ith the prevalence of video cameras in society and Kid Rock's reputation as a hard-partying lover of the ladies, it was only a matter of time before the"Son of Detroit" had a sex tape leaked.

And now the inevitable has happened.

Red Light District, the porn peddlers who released the infamous Paris Hilton sex tape in 2004, have obtained a 45-minute video of Kid Rock and ex-Creed singer Scott Stapp engaging in a series of randy tour bus shenanigans with four buxom groupies.

Red Light District president David Joseph said Thursday he obtained the tape, supposedly filmed in Miami in 2000, from an anonymous third party a few weeks ago.

"It's one of the best celebrity sex tapes I've ever seen," says Joseph. He says the tape "shows you what's going on" in the backstage lives of rock stars.

In a brief, non-explicit clip released on the internet, Rock is seen exchanging polite banter with the ladies ("I'm Bob, nice to meet you," he offers) while Stapp plays the self-obsessed rocker role ("It's good to be the king!" he brags).

Joseph says the full tape shows two women engaged in a sexual tryst with Rock. He says he wants to release it on DVD later this year -- at a price point of $70-$80 -- but first needs to handle some legal issues dealing with rights to the material from the tape's cinematographers, if you will.

Joseph hasn't talked to Rock or his representatives. "We've tried, we've called some numbers and we don't know if they were correct or not, but we didn't hear back," he says. "I'm sure we'll be hearing from them soon."

Representatives for Kid Rock were not available for comment.

Scandalous sex tape stars Scott Stapp and Kid Rock

LOS ANGELES (KP International) – Next on the seemingly endless wave of celebrity sex tapes is tabloid fave Scott Stapp, formerly of the Christian rock band Creed, and Detroit bad boy Kid Rock.
A scandalous video, depicting Stapp, Rock and four female fans partaking in sexual activities on a tour bus, is now in the possession of the distributor Red Light District.
Company president David Joseph did not give many details but said, "It's really good. I wish I were a rock star... I'm in the wrong business."
Two years ago Joseph's company was responsible for dispensing Paris Hilton's raunchy tape.
It's been quite a week for Stapp, who was married on a Friday (February 10), arrested for public drunkenness on the Saturday (February 11), and is now dealing with a sex tape.

Scott Stapp, Kid Rock Sex Tape Makes Rounds Online

DETROIT -- When Kid Rock and Scott Stapp hit the road together six years ago, they apparently shared more than a stage.

A company that distributes sex tapes said it has obtained a video involving Rock, Stapp and four strippers.

It has posted a trailer featuring a portion of the video on its Web site. It's the same company that distributed the infamous Paris Hilton sex tape and it hopes to distribute the equally raunchy video of Rock and Stapp.

The president of Red Light District said he got the tape from a third party and needs to work out some legal issues before he'll know whether he can release it on DVD. David Joseph said the tape was made in Miami six years ago when Rock and Stapp were touring together.
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He said the video shows Rock and Stapp "having some fun in the motor home" with some girls they picked up at a strip club.

In the video, Rock and Stapp reportedly are not shown performing sex acts on each other. But as the women perform sex acts on the men, Stapp looks at Rock and says, β€œIt’s good to be the king.”

"The king" has been in the news lately. He got married just over a week ago and was arrested shortly thereafter.

The clip has made the rounds and is now featured in several places online.